2021 Comprehensive Master Plan

The Sugar Grove Park District’s 2022-2132 Comprehensive Plan


Welcome to the Sugar Grove Park District’s Comprehensive Master Plan Information Center

The Sugar Grove Park District is currently in the process of developing its 2022-2032 Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP). This new CMP will identify, define, refine, and adjust the capital improvements and goals for the Park District to complete over the next ten years.  During the planning process, we will be completing a detailed analysis of the Park District parks, facilities, and offerings while collecting community input that will guide the direction of the Comprehensive Master Plan.

Comprehensive Master Plan Goal

This plan, when complete, will serve to guide the district regarding improvements and operations to better serve our community.

The Project team

  • Planning Resources Inc. (PRI): Lead Planning Consultant/Landscape Architect with experience in comprehensive planning, master planning community engagement, landscape architecture, and implementation strategies.

The Sugar Grove Park District (SGPD) launched its own comprehensive planning process called “Community-Driven Possibilities” back in the Fall of 2020.