Park Board Of Commissioners

The Sugar Grove Park District is governed by a five-member Board of Commissioners.  Members are elected by voters of the Park District and must be residents for at least one year prior to their election.  Commissioners are elected to four-year terms.  The Board appoints the Executive Director, the attorney of the Park District and the auditors. The Board approves all policy decisions.

Candidates seeking election to the Sugar Grove Park District Board of Commissioners at the April 2, 2019 Consolidated Election

Candidates Guide

Petition-Filing Period

  • Monday                                   December 10, 2018                 9am-4pm
  • Tuesday                                   December 11, 2018                 9am-4pm
  • Wednesday                             December 12, 2018                 9am-4pm
  • Thursday                                 December 13, 2018                 9am-4pm
  • Friday                                      December 14, 2018                 9am-4pm
  • Monday                                   December 17, 2018                 9am-5pm

Petition Filing Location

Sugar Grove Park District, Repede Center, 61 S. Main Street, Sugar Grove, IL  60554

Terms of Office

  • Park Commissioner, 4-year term (2019-2023)
  • Park Commissioner, 4-year term (2019-2023)
  • Park Commissioner, 2-year unexpired term (2019-2021)

Petitions must be signed by not less than 2% of the number of ballots cast at the last election for trustee or commissioner in the district, but in no case by less than 25.

               Total Signatures Required in 2019:           not less than 29

 Qualities of a Good Commissioner

The most important quality a board member can possess is the “right attitude.”  Knowledge and interest are certainly helpful, but a board member with a negative attitude can be destructive.  Board members must also have a sincere interest and a commitment to the importance of parks, recreation and conservation services.

An individual’s representation on the board can be influenced by his or her occupation, ethnic group, geographic area, associations or clubs.  It is essential, however, that a board member place the larger interests of the agency above personal concerns.  For example, a board member may have a special interest in golf, little league or the arts.  At best, that member will serve as an effective intermediary between the agency and the golfers or the arts associations.  Special interests and politics must be set aside when board decisions are made regarding those special groups.  You can, however, use your knowledge of a particular subject or expertise to help the board.

Other good board member qualities focus on an individual’s:

  • belief and interest in the agency’s purposes, goals, and objectives;
  • willingness to give time and energy to learn and carry out board duties;
  • ability to develop tact and to work with others;
  • respect for varied opinions, points of view and backgrounds;
  • willingness to make personal sacrifices such as time away from family and work;
  • ability to inspire the community’s confidence, respect and support;
  • acceptance of board decisions;
  • ability to participate in discussions with demonstrated reasoning, good judgement and the courage of personal convictions; and
  • support of the chief executive in his or her role as manager of the agency.


Flickinger, Theodore, Ph.D. 1994. The Park Commissioners Handbook. Springfield, IL: Illinois Association of Park Districts.



The Sugar Grove Park District Board of Commissioners meets the second Monday of each month at 6pm. Meetings are held at the Sugar Grove Park District office located at 61 Main Street in Sugar Grove. The public is invited and highly encouraged to attend.  

The annual schedule of regular meetings is posted on our website.  Agendas are posted and available publicly on the Thursday before each month’s meeting.  Minutes are posted and available publicly within 7 days of the approval.

2019 Park Board Meeting Dates

  • January 14
  • February 11
  • March 11
  • April 8
  • May 13
  • June 10
  • July 8
  • August 12
  • September 9
  • October 14
  • November 11
  • December 9