Weather is unpredictable, but we try to watch so our programs are as safe as possible.  We’ve established several ways to keep you informed about weather-related issues that may affect programs.

Please be sure the contact information we have for your household is accurate!  We can’t contact you in an emergency if we don’t know your correct phone numbers or email address.  You can verify your household contact information by logging into your online registration account, click on “Account”, then click the pencil following the top household’s name.

Baseball/Softball Games

  • When rains come and Sugar Grove Park District fields are unsafe and unplayable, our Athletic Manager makes the decision to cancel games by 3pm on game day.  Contact is made to each coach as well as the umpire.  Coaches then inform players and their families of the game cancellation.  Sometimes notifications are also sent to families through the #302 League website.
  • If the field is playable at 3pm, but there is some weather-related change after 3pm, the decision to cancel a game is made by the coaches with the umpire.
  • Team coaches shall not permit a game to begin or continue if the field and/or weather present a threat to the safety of the players. The presence of lightning or inclement weather shall result in the suspension of any game immediately.   The game or practice will not resume until the threat of lightning or inclement weather has subsided for at least 20 minutes.

Basketball Games (weekends)

  • Most winter seasons bring at least one snow storm that makes it dangerous for families to travel to or from a basketball game on a Saturday morning.  We build one snow day into each schedule anticipating that it may be needed for a weather-related cancellation.
  • Coordinators from each town discuss cancellations and then coaches are contacted if games are cancelled.  Coaches then reach out to families to notify them of game cancellations.

All Star Sports Programs

  • When you sign up for one of these programs run by All-Star Sports, you are given information about their weather hotline on your registration receipt.
  • When you are concerned about the weather for your All-Star Sports program, please call their weather hotline at (630) 584-2961.  If you call the hotline, and your program is not mentioned, then plan to attend the program as scheduled.
  • For more information, you can always go to the All Star Sports website at the link below.

    All Star Sports Weather Webpage

After School Programs

  • This is a tough one.  What if your child is at school and signed up for a program right after school, and there is a threat of some severe weather?
  • We work very closely with the school district to make sure that each child can either
    1. safely attend the after-school program; or
    2. be sent home on their regular bus with a parent’s approval; or
    3. get picked up at the school site.
  • These decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.  The safety of your child, you, and our staff,  is our utmost concern.

All Other Programs

  • Instructors contact the families directly in regards to weather-related changes and cancellations