Pitch, Hit, & Run Champions

Congratulations to this year’s PHR Sectional All-Around Champions who competed in Sugar Grove on June 3!

The Champions have all been contacted and medals to the top three finishers in each age/category division have been mailed out. We look forward to seeing if any of our All-Around Champions scored high enough to compete at the next level of competition at the Team Championship prior to a White Sox home game.

Since that notification comes from the Pitch, Hit & Run Headquarters, let us know if you are selected!

Thanks for coming out – we look forward to seeing you again next year.

7/8 Year Old Champions

1st place: Breydon Martin (724 points)
2nd place: Jake Larson (607 points)
3rd place: Jax Perez (603 points)

1st place: 1st place: Grace Hall (490 points)
2nd place: 2nd place: Taylor Jeffers (374 points)
3rd place: 3rd place: Layken Callahan (332 points)

9/10 Year Old Champions

1st place: Ben Butcher (876 points)
2nd place: Benjamin Kozial (826 points)
3rd place: Matthew Tuszynski (733 points)

1st place: Jackie Sledden (703 points)
2nd place: Danielle Bulson (547 points)
3rd place: Sydney Myles (503 points)

11/12 Year Old Champions

1st place: LeBaron T. Lee Jr. (1,021 points)
2nd place: Zachary McCall (1,014 points)
3rd place: Simeon Hanson (910 points)

1st place: Keera Trautvetter (880 points)
2nd place: Payton Reilly (698 points)
3rd place: Gabriella Gonzales (584 points)

13/14 Year Old Champions

1st place: Conner Fox (1,065 points)
2nd place: Jordan McGath-Tanner (941 points)
3rd place: Austin Luebke (939 points)

1st place: Sadie Amato (683 points)
2nd place: Faith Malloy (556 points)